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Green Frog Award за годовой отчет для "Норникеля"
"норникель" отметили премией Green Frog Award за лучшую отчётность в области устойчивого развития, оформление которой разработало DDVB
Green Frog Award за годовой отчет для "Норникеля"

На недавней встрече Клуба директоров по устойчивому развитию 19 ноября, где по инициативе компании Deloitte CIS, где обсуждались важные для всех современных компаний темы устойчивости цепочки поставок, Nornickel отметили премией Green Frog Award за лучшую отчётность в области устойчивого развития, оформление которой разработало DDVB.

Эта международная премия была учреждена в Венгрии в 2009 году компанией Делойт и к настоящему моменту охватывает страны Центральной Европы и СНГ. Цель премии - общественное признание за качественную подготовку и раскрытие нефинансовой информации, привлечение внимания заинтересованных лиц к лучшим практикам составления нефинансовой отчетности и их популяризация.

Месяц назад компания уже получила за отчёт об устойчивом развитии 2017 платиновую статуэтку престижного международного конкурса MarCom Awards. Причем сразу в двух номинациях – "Лучший отчет" и "Лучший дизайн".

27 November 2018
22 June
The "Ochakovo" company in partnership with the Agency presented a series of new delicious products
17 June
The Agency got the "Gold", two silver and three bronze medals
8 June
A creative director of DDVB joined the judging panel of the main industrial event of the year
13 April
Creative Director of DDVB Dmitry Peryshkov and Director of Strategic Planning and Marketing Dmitry Strukov told about how one word can bring billions on the Branding Day-2016
16 February
Alexander Kovalenko told about the role and functions of packaging on the business-conference, related to FMCG-branding
25 December
DDVB’s cases in the main chart of the year by What the pack
16 December
Agency presents the new brand of "all-seasonal" natural low-alcohol drink – Mead M
15 December
Dmitry Pioryshkov and Dmitry Strukov talked about corporate branding with HSB students
14 December
Chief Creative of the DDVB agency discussed works of winner of Red Apple - the largest advertising festival
7 December
Chief Creative of DDVB became the best one in the "Non-commercial services" category on Kotler Awards Application, awarded for contribution to the development of the industry
13 November
Chief creative of the agency took a part in the conference «Annual reports: experience of leaders and new standards»
5 November
Agency created visual image for professional development program Teacher for Russia
29 October
Dmitry Peryshkov again became a part of the expert group of annual reports competition by the "Expert RA" rating agency
26 October
Alexander Kovalenko explained why it’s necessary to reconsider your attitude to the main principles of packaging design at the InterCHARM-2015
12 October
As the part of the "Design Weekend" educational project Alexander Kovalenko shared his expert opinion on the functions of packaging design in times of crisis
7 October
Museum of the History of Russian shawls with its bright corporate style created by DDVB, has become the winner of the International Competition of touristic brands
7 October
DDVB presented the new brand of the refreshing drink with a unique taste
12 August
Co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of the DDVB became a chairman of the jury at the International Festival of nonrealized Advertising and Design concepts
31 July
The agency presented a visual image for the new-generation dairy industrial livestock complex «Suvorovo»
23 July
The DDVB changed the name and the visual identity of the «Ramenskoe meat packing house» consumer brand