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Arsenevo: pure branding
Corporate identity for a regional producer of natural meat products
Arsenevo: pure branding

The Arsenyevo meat-processing factory manufactures high-quality products within the medium price brackets due to the exclusive access to high-quality raw materials. And the meat-processing specialists are highly experienced in their field - they understand meat-processing technologies and meat packing.


to develop positioning, corporate identity, and package concept for all product lines of Arsenyevo meat-processing factory.


Positioning, a new visual image and a logotype have been elaborated for Arsenyevo trademark. The key insights that determine the customers' behaviour were revealed. The one which was put in basis of communication - care about health of a person and his or her relatives - was found. That is why it was decided to turn attention to the following key characteristics: naturalness, high quality and ecological cleanness of the meat. These characteristics were delivered through the visual image of the brand. New forms of labels for wurst and sausage were developed. These solutions turned out to be very saving and effective when the products were put on shelves. The graphical design is highly reserved, there is nothing excessive, that corresponds to cleanness of the products. Rough packaging paper texture on the background of the lables reflects naturalness and traditional taste of the meat food.