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Bosco di Ciliegi: cherry orchard
Name and visual image of a network of multi-brand luxury-boutique
Bosco di Ciliegi: cherry orchard

Bosco di Ciliegi has more than 100 single-brand stores of clothing and accessories. Bosco di Ciliegi stores are located in the historic shopping centers such as Moscow's GUM and Petrovsky Passage, as well as in other cities of Russia and Europe.


To develop name and the corporate identity concept for a new network of boutiques.


Bosco di Ciliegi name (translated from Italian as «The Cherry Orchard») reflects the company's philosophy. Almost 100 years ago, our ancestors were not able to save the cherry orchard. And now the great-grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those , and the one and the other side has been implicated in the disappearance of Cherry Orchard , consciously merged into one family Bosco di Ciliegi and engaged in creative work each year (both literally and common nouns) planting new trees. Bosco di Ciliegi owners are sure in irreversible reconstruction so necessary futuristic Cherry Forest and ready to do everything to make this a reality.