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Cherkizovo: quality from farm to shop
Renewed consumer brand of leading agro-industrial group
Cherkizovo: quality from farm to shop

In the market of meat products and ready-made sausages Cherkizovo introduced its new name and image supported by new slogan "Quality from farm to shop". In its communication Cherkizovo focuses on its own farms, production and distribution system. In addition, Cherkizovo sticks to traditional recipes and produces clean products,  which are to be a part of a proper diet.


To develop a packaging style of whole product set with an emphasis on naturalness, quality and usefulness


DDVB offered a concept based on natural soft colors, conveying the idea of ​​"quality from farm to shop": naturalness, usefulness, chemical additives free.

The slogan is also illustrated by icon schematically and graphically depicting the manufacturing process "farmer-cow-sausage-the-counter."

The pattern used in packaging is based on simple images of fields and farms from a bird's-eye view. The overall style of this design is simple, even a deliberately simplified, has natural colors.

According to the research results, the client came to the conclusion that logo change is not desirable (despite name change), so the only thing that the agency could do with a logo – is to simplify it, leaving the most recognizable detail to loyal customers.

The challenge for DDVB was to make sausages noticeable on the shelf, while not by means of bright packaging and without disturbing the natural quality.

Agency achieved this by logo size increasing, adding little more bright red color and a very simple communication.

Paratype company developed a unique font for the packaging, which allowed to express the same idea of natural quality and give more individuality to packaging.

In this paper, DDVB confesses the idea of simplicity, clarity, accuracy without additional elements to emphasize the most natural quality of the product without any chemical additives.