105064, Moscow, Zemlyanoy Val street, 46, of. 41, floor 10, code 2
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Delta: branding without danger
Branding of the federal properties security operator
Delta: branding without danger

Delta Security is a new company on the Russian security and monitoring services market, created by consolidating the core capabilities of the leading regional companies, which allowed it to become the biggest «player» in the category as soon as possible. Currently, Delta Security has been operating in the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad, Novgorod, Tula, Chelyabinsk regions, Krasnodar Territory and continues active regional expansion. Compared with competitors, Delta Security has a number of significant competitive advantages:

- customer focus and increase service levels;
- using its own know;
-how and innovative technology solutions;
- an integrated approach to the protection of property;
- remote video monitoring and other telematics, telemetry and interactive services ;
- the exceptional simplicity and ease of connection to the system;
- a friendly and positive tone of communications;
- according to the initiators of the project business, the company fully able to make the protection of property affordable, simple and easy to understand service, which has become a familiar and integral part of the lives of millions of Russians - similar to mobile communication and Internet access.


Development of the platform and the visual communications for Delta Security systems.


Mentioned benefits of Delta Security predetermined its positioning as a high-tech global monitoring network and comprehensive protection of the property, which is connected to a very simple, and use - easy and convenient.