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Tatneft Group: purity of intentions and transparency of business
The rebranding of one of the largest petrochemical holdings in Russia
Tatneft Group: purity of intentions and transparency of business

Rebranding of Tatneft Company is a consequence of the quality changes which have arisen in the company over the past few years: namely, over the past 10 years. The company has turned into a big vertically integrated oil, gas, and chemical holding operating at the federal level.


To rebrand Tatneft company.


The renewed corporate design of Tatneft Group of companies reflects the key values of the brand: environmental friendliness, a high level of processibility and social responsibility, and transparency of the business.The previous Tatneft logo was developed more than 10 years ago, and it did not meet the specified requirements both in the meaning content and in the graphical implementation.Besides, many of the structural subdivisions of the company had their own notation which did not express their membership in Tatneft Group of companies and infringed general apprehension of Tatneft as a big vertically integrated holding.Rebranding and changes in the corporate identity are destined to eliminate the mentioned disadvantages, to make the Tatneft logo a corporate symbol of the group of companies, and to give it the status of the corporate brand. As a result, the corporate identity covers the widest range of media - corporate business documentation, industrial facilities, interior and exterior of the buildings and office facilities, motor vehicles and personnel's clothes, corporate information editions (including the website), advertising print materials and many other things. Besides, an integrated image bank of Tatneft Group of companies was formed. A new design for the Tatneft corporate filling stations and facilities were developed with the total number of over 500 units on the territory of the CIS.