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World Forum: local global
Branding of the main national politic forum of the country
World Forum: local global

Yaroslavl, which celebrates its millennium anniversary in 2010, will become a meeting point for heavyweight politicians; representatives of the business community, including businessmen-innovators; leaders in science and education; experts in the field of policy, economics, and law from many countries of the world. From 9 till 10 September, 2010 in the city of Yaroslavl the Global Policy Forum will take place under the title «The Modern State: Standards of Democracy and Criteria of Efficiency» (www. gpf-yaroslavl. ru). This forum is organized under patronage of the President of the Russian Federation D. A. Medvedev.


To develop corporate identity for Global Policy Forum.


DDVB has created a common visual conception for the Forum which included not only implementation of the style in designing elements of business documentation, booklets, and souvenir production, but also development of the layout and design of the conference halls and public zones, navigation design in different sectors, design of working rooms. The general space of the site has been visually divided into four main sections with the help of color differentiation. Such a solution enabled us to help participants of the Forum take their bearings in the site without destroying the unity of the visual design conception. The corporate identity developed for the Forum reflects the idea of globality and responsibility which lie in the basis of the event. The design is based on symbolic images of the globe and intersecting circles which remind us that we all live in a single and diverse world. «We use a lot of environmentally safe materials, such as flax, wood, recycled paper, in order to remind the participants and guests of the forum about the responsibility which the political leaders bear in the face of our world for the taken solutions», — comments Leonid Feigin, Creative Director of DDVB. As a result, a united area with the feeling of a creative and constructive dialogue about the future and the sense of care about the present day has been created.