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Luzhniki: High Flyers
New style for sports complex
Luzhniki: High Flyers

The largest sport complex in Russia and one of the largest in the world - Luzhniki – was at new stage of development. Since its opening in 1956 Luzhniki immediately became a sports center in Moscow, a place for walking and entertainment. However, during the existence of the complex, the focus was on professional sports. Today Luzhniki is a venue for major international and Russian competitions, concerts and shows of world stars, festivals and city holidays , as well as amateur sports center . New audience and format of the event inspired to create a new set of visual image. It was decided to hold a tender for the development of the original corporate identity for Luzhniki.


To develop a new visual identity for Luzhniki sport complex, reflecting its specificity, uniqueness and emphasizes multifunctional purpose.


After winning the creative pitch, DDVB proposed a new image, which was based on a stylized image of a swallow. Ring of 5 birds symbolized diversification activities of Luzhniki and its integrated approach. Image of swallow was inseparably linked with sports in the USSR. In addition, these birds are very friendly and always keep in groups, which is associated with the team spirit and family. The new symbolism was necessary to preserve the continuity of the sport complex with a rich history associated with the iconic sporting and cultural events in the life of Russia. Also the image of swallow reflects respect for heritage. Logo is available in several layouts. Pattern, developed within corporate identity was flexible, infinitely varied in the application and at the same time it is recognizable for any use. Currently within the corporate identity the visual design and the complex navigation system are being created. Corporate identity is implemented on some carriers: so they can be observed in the sport complex.