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Nemiroff: gifts with character
Packaging design of the gift sets
Nemiroff: gifts with character

Nemiroff producing company, one of the worlwide alcohol beverages leader, launched a new gift set in its core product line. The new image of the legendary Nemiroff “Ukrainian Honey Pepper”, Nemiroff Original classical gorilka, “Delikat Soft” special vodka Nemiroff and also refined Nemiroff “Cranberry (infused with) cognac”.


The agency had a difficult task - to develop a design concept for gift sets Nemiroff taking in account the history of the brand, its peculiarities and consumer preferences of each of these drinks.


Thus, while developing the ideas for the gift set, it was decided to give each drink its specific visual image that follows directly from the product. For example, “Ukrainian Honey Pepper” by Nemiroff was given an image of a bird, consisting of the flames. The design of the packaging for Original Nemiroff vodka has Ukrainian character: Cossack with a forelock in trousers, reminiscent of Gogol's Taras Bulba hero. Gentle nature of Nemiroff “Delikat Soft” is communicated through the image of refined swan. Nemiroff “Cranberry cognac” stands apart from the other three flavors. When annexed carafs were given in other three packagings for male drinks, soft and easy “Cranberry cognac” for ladies was honored an elegant shot glass with a stem. The idea of the agency was that bright and rich colors of red shades as well as possible will be able to bring the rich taste of the drink. Flower bud depicted on packaging, which blooms in glasses, emphasizes the rich aroma of Nemiroff “Cranberry cognac” as well.