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New Alaska: maximum benefits from the first hands
The new brand of seafood that can prove the "purity" of their origin delicacies to everyone
New Alaska: maximum benefits from the first hands

New Alaska produces a wide range of fish products and seafood of the highest quality and has the rights of exclusive distribution of Alaska king crab. New Alaska has its own fishing fleet. «Maximum benefit straight from the source». New Alaska Company is a real expert of fishery and processing; the time between catching the fish and its realization is reduced to minimum. The consumer will get high quality fresh product straight from the source.


To develop the brand for fish production New Alaska, including positioning, logo, corporate style and packing enabling to differentiate the produce on the shelf from that of the numerous competitors’.


To get the consumers acquainted with the new product and draw their attention to it, DDVB brand company offers to use the surface of the package most effectively. The trademark which is not very well known yet was increased in size to cover almost all of the package area. As the only large symbol was used on the plain background, the product is impossible not to notice. The chosen color score, clean and transparent logo, that is the letter A in the shape of a head of a fish, effectively present product shots emphasizing the product’s benefits and high quality, as well as provides easy differentiation of New Alaska brand from that of the competitors.