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Exstra taste branding
The DDVB changed the name and the visual identity of the «Ramenskoe meat packing house» consumer brand
Exstra taste branding

The «Ramenskoe meatpacker» has been existing on the market since 1975. It is the only one small full-service meat packing factory in the Moscow region, that has its own cattle farm, located in the environmentally pristine area in the vicinities of Moscow.

In the beginning the factory had been a local manufacturer, but after production assets modernization and expansion of the assortment by the delicacy group, the company decided to increase the distribution by the geography expanding and entry into the retail chains (previously the «Ramenskoe» products were sold mainly throughout the branded points of sale in the presence region).

  • To develop the brand positioning 
  • To create a new brand name and visual communications of the brand

The DDVB Agency presented to «Ramenskoe» the complete concept of the brand positioning, determinated by the strong delicacy group in the assortment of the meatpacker. 

The creative concept is also supported by the corrected name of the consumer brand – the «Ramensky Delicacies» which, on the one hand, retains the historical and toponymic relationship to its predecessor, but on the other - is associated with a unique taste. 

The new visual identity of the brand also retained a kind of continuity of a pre-existing design by using the familiar symbol of the existing trademark as a key element of the new brand logo –a green leave - saving, thus, the maximum recognition by loyal customers. 

The style of the packaging design and communication materials have been radically revised - as a key style elements it was selected a friendly, bright and eye-catching animation pattern with the image of the rural landscapes. It emphasizes the diversity and naturalness of the «Ramenskoye» meat products, each of which is able to create and maintain buyer’s «tasty» mood.