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Щепотка и капелька
Разработка бренда сиропов и топпингов
Щепотка и капелька

Компания клиента поставила перед собой амбициозную цель - разработать высококачественный российский бренд сиропов и топпингов, которые бы использовались профессионалами и любителями барного искусства.


Агентству DDVB было поручено разработать название и айдентику для всей продуктовой линейки,


DDVB разработали позиционирование, нейм  Pinch&Drop (в переводе “Щепотка и капелька”) и дизайн бренда, который был воплощен в линейке сиропов и топпингов из более чем 40 различных позиций.



Charitable Foundation TOK: the warmth of hands
Teacher for Russia: impulse of change
Suvorovo: young-eyed milk production
Exstra taste branding
Mango Office: The platform for growth
Mistral: everything on shelves
Olympic Committee: Bright! Modern! Attractive!
Cherkizovo: quality from farm to shop
Tatneft Group: purity of intentions and transparency of business
A 101: time to make nets
Nemiroff: gifts with character
Luzhniki: High Flyers
Meridian: sea diversity
Silver Mercury: marketing, hacking your feelings
Tornado Energy: energetic drink with a sense of humor
Fresh Bar: fresh cocktail brand
Rich LE: packagind as an encyclopedia
Stream: friendly media style
Legenda: compact not only in words
Museum of shawls: bright history
Bashneft: development in new capacity
Garage: flash of beauty
New Alaska: maximum benefits from the first hands
Charuel: glossy on-line shop
Lavomaks: flu liquidation advertising campaign
Saiwala: brand with a soul
Delta: branding without danger
Lefkadia Premuim:  brand with a unique taste
Talking mirror: compliment as a gift
Neoflex: flexible efficiency
Centro: attractive retail branding
Sakhalin-Korea: high-level dialogue
James Baker: tasty pack
Alutech group of companies rebranding
World Forum: local global
Arsenevo: pure branding
Vis-à-vis: female incarnation of the world
Dobriy Juice: wholehearted design
Tesoro: package for natural gold
P.S. Box: presents with sense
Ingosstrakh: image of reliability
RFC: brand with «International» color
Stada: DNA of health
Aradis: a drink from Garden of Eden
Bosco Sport corporate identity: from Russia with love
Bell integrator: company of good ideas a map to your house
Williams&Oliver: the kitchen chief
Mobel&Zeit: personal comfort
The Tretyakov Gallery: branding as a piece of art
Bosco di Ciliegi: cherry orchard