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Stada: DNA of health
Adapted platform and new corporate identity for the global pharmaceutical brand, which has become a truly "familiar" for Russians
Stada: DNA of health

Brand platform and visual identity of the international pharmaceutical company Stada adaptation in the post market after the acquisition of the assets of the former CIS.


To develop corporate identity for STADA CIS Corporation. It was necessary to reflect the corporate values of STADA CIS without introducing any changes into the logo of the STADA parent company, without introducing any new colours, and without violating the standards of the global brand book.


DDVB has developed a corporate decorative element representing a row of people who have joined their hands and formed a double helix akin to DNA. This image delivers the idea of joint efforts of many people for the benefit of health, preservation of traditions and forwarding health to future generations. This pictorial element has even got its internal corporate nickname — «DNA of health». Further development of this design enabled us to imbed this element that was appreciated by the client in all the corporate media. Red and blue manikins have become the characters of internal corporate communications, and now theyoften appear in the souvenir production, in calendars, advertisements etc. In corporate souvenir editions (calendars etc.) «handiwork» techniques (oil painting, embroidery, plasticine modeling etc.) were actively used to draw STADA image closer the declared values of the corporation. This has notably vivified the general conception and has given full scope to the infinite imagination.